Yes, we’re going to have Black Friday specials this year too! No need to worry if you’re new to the Black Friday scene, we’ll let you in on some of our secret tips to help prepare you for the big day! We like to kick the day off by popping over to Facebook and Twitter to see what’s in store this Black Friday. Pen in hand and sticky notes at the ready, let’s get amped for Black Friday.

This year, Black Friday will take place on the 23rd of November, so you can expect to see specials drop left, right and center leading up to Friday. Here’s just a couple things you need to know before the big day!



It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the choice up for grabs! That’s why you need to set a budget. Figure out what your must-haves are: maybe new sculpting supplies or goodies to make festive presents with. Just don’t forget to calculate the maximum amount you absolutely can’t go over!

Once you have the budget in place, make a list of all the people you plan to buy something for to ensure you don’t keep on buying more and more presents. This will help you break up your budget in appropriate amounts for each gift.


Check the web

We’ll be posting our nationwide Black Friday promos on the website and on social media leading up to Friday.

Click here to go to our website and Twitter pages for more Black Friday updates.


The Game Plan

Our stores get very busy during Black Friday, that’s why we suggest being there when the doors open. You never know if there will be additional discounts available to the first few shoppers, so don’t sleep on it! Then once you get into the store you have to prioritize what items are you going to start looking for first. Items that are high in demand will go faster, so make sure you keep your eyes open for Black Friday signage. It’s always a good idea to take a shopping buddie along. Whilst you raid the one side they can start on the other!

The idea with having a sure set game plan is to avoid impulse purchases. It’s easy to feel like a couple of extra items won’t matter. This kind of thinking will destroy your Black Friday budget if you aren’t careful! Just try and avoid the little knickknacks in the front of the store and next to the register.

But above all else, have fun! It’s a time for major saving and major fun to be had with your new PNA goodies. Click here to see our store locator and to find your nearest PNA branch.


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