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Cellophane Butterfly

Cellophane just got a whole new purpose! Create your own with this free template.
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Kids Craft: Ice Cream

Purchase everything you need from your nearest PNA store and follow these 3 easy steps to a fun-filled ...
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Paper Plate Llama

Turn regular paper plates into this adorable and cuddly llama friend!
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Flamingo Kids Craft

Pretty in pink. We love flamingos and made a fun craft to match!
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Hanging Fish Kids Craft

Let your child’s creativity flow while making this easy fish craft. You only need a few basic supplies ...
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Kids Craft: Velcro Face

Here’s a fun activity for pre-schoolers! Follow these easy steps to make a face with detailed velcro fixing ...
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Make-a-Hat Tutorial

It’s International Make a Hat Day! 👒 Get the kids and go crazy with this easy make-a-hat-tutorial. 😃 ...
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Puzzle Games for Young and Old

Everyone loves a little fun, right? How about a brain teaser? Puzzles help us focus and challenge our ...

Put a pin in it | DIY Pin-up Board

Do you need a little help when it comes to organising your study space? Well, we’ve found that ...