Teachers play a big role in our children’s lives. Afterall, they do spend the majority of their week playing and learning under the teacher’s watchful eye. That’s why we love spoiling our teachers with custom DIY year-end projects to show our (and the kids’) appreciation for all they do during the year.


Bubble Gum Jar

While not allowed to be blown on school grounds, we’ll make an exception for our favourite teacher. All that’s needed to make this present is a clean mason jar, some sticky bubble gum candy and the printable tag and string to tie the present together. We love that while the present is thoughtful and fun, it’s also quite an inexpensive and practical little gift. Click here to view the printable cards (or just make your own for a personal touch): https://bit.ly/2C0diXQ


Chalkboard Globe

Around the world we go! A DIY Chalkboard Globe is one of our favourites and perfect for your favourite teacher. It’s practical, durable and is sure to be a focal point of their classroom for years and years. You’ll need:

  • Chalkboard paint, one or two colours
  • Paint brush
  • Thin liner paint brush
  • Outline paint colour of your choice
  • Chalk
  • Globe

Click here for the full tutorial and steps to make your own Chalkboard Globe.

Did you know that we also sell globes? Be sure to call ahead to check for price and availability.


Crayon Candy Dish

Name one teacher that doesn’t have a sweet tooth, we dare you! Jam packed with chocolatey goodness this little dish is so easy to glue together and will look so stunning on the teacher’s desk. P.s. we have crayons of all sizes that will work perfect for a present like this.

We’ve found that presents that come from the heart always make a splash! Give these a try and be sure to tell us what you’re planning to gift your child’s favourite teacher!


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