Why your calendar is the best organising tool

It shouldn’t come as a shock that we’re all a little obsessed with organization. Running around from one activity to the next can really take the wind right out our sails. But when you sit back and evaluate what happened during the day, it’s hard to recall where all the time went. That’s where planners come into play. Planning out your schedule with a calendar makes doing everything not only possible, but easier. They’re a handy way to ensure you meet all your commitments without having to live in a constant state of stress to make it all fit in.

Most people arrange their calendars according to personal, professional or even academic schedules. And we’re no different. We love tackling the page with different colours and highlighters to showcase upcoming birthdays, test dates or even year-end parties.

But why would you want to spend extra time setting up a schedule? Especially if you have everything already jotted down on a sticky note somewhere?

Reminder of important dates

Birthdays, when to renew your driver’s license, meet-ups with friends. Whether you’re just busy and simply forget to write the location of the event down or get distracted easily, having all your events written down in one place can be a major help in organising your schedule. That’s why we love big month planners like these!

A realistic idea of how you’re spending your time


Whether you’re a full-time worker or working from home, you can always benefit from planning your day to the T. Start with the important things, like work and then break it into subsections. For instance: admin, client meeting, etc., and then move on to exercise, after work errands and down-time. This will ensure you’re on top of every aspect of what’s happening in your day and where you’re spending your time. Most importantly, where you’re spending more time than you should. That’s why a calendar is so important!

Helps you prioritise, not only your day, but the week as well

We always tend to think we’ll have more time later. One reason is because we haven’t scheduled things far in advance. The calendar looks clear but then the events and tasks hit you all at once. There will always be mandatory activities and optional events you’ll need to fit into your schedule. Instead of saying ‘there’s no way I’ll have time for this’ mark it with an asterisk to indicate an optional task. You might be able to get out of the weekly Book Club but a trip to the doctor will take preference. If sometime does open up, you’ll have a backup plan and will be able to attend the Book Club after all.

Feel-good feeling of accomplishing something in your day

Ticking off tasks is just so satisfying. Knowing that something has been removed from your to-do list will help you feel like your day hasn’t been wasted, but that it’s been a productive one. You’ll find that you’ll be able to stay motivated to complete tasks, like learning a new language if you set mini milestones for yourself. We suggest hanging a large wall calendar to act as a visual reminder of what you’ve done and what’s to comes next.

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