Gift ideas

Gifts of love for this holiday season.


Gifts of love. Because it’s the season to be giving. We celebrate the end of the year with time spent with loved ones. And it’s the perfect occasion to show your love by getting them gifts of love!

We have gifts suggestions for you, to get from your friendly, neighbour PNA!



The gifts of love: being well-read.

Our PNA stores are well-stocked with the latest page-turners. Including Ken Follett’s new book (at select PNAs) A Column of Fire about Queen Elizabeth’s secret service. Follett, well-known for his accurate, fun, and detailed historical novels once again delivers the goods with a taunt, thrill-packed adventure where a man chooses a life of service to his queen against Europe’s most dangerous monarchs. It follows the historical period in great detail, so they’ll learn something colourful about that time and place.


The gifts of love: painting. 

For the loved one who is more the aspiring artist, we have a wonderful collection of paints. Do they enjoy an almost melancholy scene? Our Two Seasons paints are simply wonderful for painting a picture. If they have infinite patience – and you need it with these paints! – you can get them oils. Just like the great masters of old used to create their masterpieces. We have (figuratively) thousands of colours to choose from. Perhaps they prefer the deep colours of acrylics. We have all colours. Then there’s our selection of canvas and water colour painting pads. Perfect for creating your art.


The gifts of love: drawing.

If your loved one is more of a sketch artist, there’s tons of pencils, chalks, charcoals, and graphite. Not to mention erasers, some especially designed for rubbing out particularly difficult to remove mistakes made with charcoal.



The gifts of love: discovering.

There are plenty of games, some educational. And for the budding scientist, there are globes galore along with models of the solar system. There are also a variety of painting kits especially for kids, so if they are of the creative sort, there’s plenty for them to practice with. In addition, we have a selection of children’s books for all ages. And if they’re struggling with their Shakespeare (or other studies) there’s a collection of study guides designed to impart the knowledge they need to pass with flying colours.

Also, if you want ideas for gifts of love for toddlers, visit our post here.

Whatever gift you buy for your loved one, you can be sure if you get it from one of our stores, it will indeed make for a special holiday present. Get them true gifts of love.


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