Mother’s Day | 3 Kid Friendly DIY Projects for Mom

Mother’s Day comes around once a year- not nearly often enough to show Mom how much you love her! We’ve rounded up the cutest, kid friendliest DIY projects for Mom, designed to show any Mom how special she really is!


For the Green Thumb Mom:

If Mom is all about green thumbs and green lawns, why not incorporate family love into her favourite hobby? We adore these cute terracotta pots, that use little hands and finger tips to create arty butterflies and bees! Gather the little ones and tyour favourite art su[pplies, and get making and creating!

All you’ll need is some clean terracotta pots, acrylic paints in fun colours, and a black permanent marker. A few wet wipes wouldn’t be a bad idea too! Once dry and complete, fill the posts with Mom’s favourite plants, and watch the years as they grow by!

Difficulty Rating: 1/10

Time: 1-2 hours

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For the Mom who needs a Bath Break:

Give Mom a moment- or many of them, by giving her beautiful, homemade bath bombs! These fizz balls are perfect for melting the stress of motherhood away, whilst soaking in a warm, relaxing tub!

Using simple household staples, such as baking powder, citric acid and colouring, these bath bombs are made in muffin tins, giving you a dozen delights for Mom!

Difficulty Rating: 1/10

Time: 30 min prep. 5 hours dry time

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For the First-Thing-in-the-Morn Mom:

If Mom is only Mom after her first cup of coffee, remind her how much she is loved first thing in the morning! These fun and cute mugs are perfect for the first sip of sanity in a day, and you can be sure that any Mom will love something made specifically for her, from her favourite little humans! These mugs are super easy to create, and the message won’t rub off in the dishwasher- just make sure you use oil based paint pens! We suggest giving Mom this first thing in the morning on Mother’s Day- and let her sip it in bed!

Difficulty Rating: 2/10

Time: 2 hours

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Let us know if you’re going to try these DIY Projects for Mom? Visit a PNA store to find all the ingredients needed for arts and crafts and happiness!


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