Delft Coasters | How-to

Capture the picturesque romance of the Netherlands with these homemade Delft coasters! Delft Blue often refers to pottery from Delft, Netherlands, and is often made of delicate blue handpainted images on a white background. We give you this easy Delft Blue Coaster Tutorial on how to create your very own Delft Coasters, using some simple tricks!

Delft Blue Coaster Tutorial

By: Linda Rose


  • Wooden coasters
  • Craft paint – white
  • Dala texture paste
  • Stencil of your choice
  • Stencil glue
  • Plastic palette knife, paint brush & sand paper.
  • Spray varnish
  • Blue ink pad
  • Felt or cork


  1. Sand the coasters lightly to get a nice smooth finish.

  2. Paint with white craft paint – 2 coats should  be fine.
  3. Leave to dry totally.
  4. Paint the back of the stencil with stencil glue and leave to dry – will still be tacky.
  5. Place the stencil on the coaster and press down firmly, this prevents the texture paste from seeping underneath the stencil.
  6. Using the palette knife, spread the texture paste over the stencil – do not make it too thick – lift the stencil off.
  7. Leave it to dry totally.
  8. If there are any rough edges on the texture paste, sand it lightly with sand paper.
  9. Take the blue ink pad and gently dab it over the raised areas of the texture paste.
  10. Spray it with spray varnish and leave to dry.
  11. The underside of the coaster can be covered with felt or cork.


A perfect weekend project, or even a little craft to giveaway as a gift, these Delft coasters will be loved by all!

Let us know if you’ve made used our Delft Blue Coaster Tutorial, or better yet – send us a picture!

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