Watercolour Typography Art | Project Tutorial

Watercolour Typography Art

Typography art is simple… but BOLD! We adore these statement pieces, and they say so much about you. Stamp your essence into your living space by creating your very own Watercolour Typography Art. The beauty of these pieces being that they are completely adaptive to you and your style- so get your imagination flowing, and the paint brushes wet!



  • Watercolour paper
  • Watercolours
  • Masking tape and board (or flat surface)
  • Light box or access to a window for tracing
  • Masking Fluid
  • Pentel Aquash Paint Brushes

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  1. First off, pick a phrase or a saying that you love! Try find a cursive font that connects the letters- this helps the watercolour effect really shine through!
  2. Place your printed phrase under yoru watercolour paper, and hold it up to a window to see how your phrase comes through.
  3. Use a pencil and a light tough to trace out your phrase, then fill in the phrase with your masking fluid. Leave to dry until only slightly tacky
  4. Tape your paper firmly down on a flat surface, and prep your brushes, a cup of water, and your water colours.
  5. Start by wetting the area around the phrase with plain water, and then dip your brush in water again, and pick up the colours you want with your paint brush.
  6. Choose colours that you love, and try use darker colours around the phrase to realty make it stand out.
  7. From here, let your creativity guide your design! Make areas of one colour, and push and pull the colours between each other.


TIP: Add more concentrated colours where you want focus, by using less water and more paint.

Use water only to blend the various colours into each other


  1. Let your watercolour dry completely, and then rub the masking fluid near the edge to lift it.
  2. Gently pull yoru masking fluid away from the paper- it should pull away easily and cleanly and reveal your perfect phrase underneath!


Once complete, frame and hang your very own Watercolour Typography Art! Use on a large scale to create a large featured wall, or create small, mini postcards for friends and family! The possibilities with Watercolour Typography Art are endless!


If you want to explore more of how to use watercolours with a Water Brush pen, watch this tutorial on how to use water brushes to create masterpeices! The Pentel Aquash water brush are our favourites, and promise hours of creativity and colour! Find more on our paint brushes here. Follow us on Facebook for more ideas and Project Tutorials



Let us know if you’ve dabbled in Watercolour Typography Art – share your pics with us!



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