Mandela Day: Be kind together with PNA

Are you ready to make a change? Cause we sure are! Celebrate with us this Mandela Day on Saturday, 18 July, by taking action and inspiring change in your community. Not just on this particular day, but also for the days to follow – make every day a Mandela Day!

Summary of Madiba

Nelson Mandela, the man who fought for change in South African history. After spending 28 years in prison, he went on to serve as President for 5 years and inspired everyone who knew him. This day recalls his heroic life and reminds us to be strong men and women to stand up against injustice and to do good to our fellow citizens.

Creative ways to spend Mandela Day

There are a lot of shortcomings around us and help uplifting someone’s day (and the effect it might have on that specific individual’s life) could mean the world to them, and you. We all know the feeling you get when helping someone in need, it’s indescribable, but it feels good…

Take this day – it’s quite easier this year, due to the fact it is happening over the weekend – and give. There is a lot you can do to get involved as many institutions and organisations are planning around this day. Just ensure that with care and support comes the responsibility to adhere to Covid-19  safety measures – wear a face mask correctly at all times, sanitise frequently and keep a social distance. If you’re not aware of any activations within your vicinity, it’s okay; you can get creatively supportive on your own, with your family members and/or friends. Here’s how:

  • Donate reading-related resources

Most children find it hard to perform in school without the necessary resources, one being educational books. If your kids are done with last year’s books, choose to donate it to an under-resourced school, classroom, or community centre near you. Or shop for books for different grades and give a book hamper to help multiple students.

  • Paint a mural

Spend 67 minutes (or more) and paint a mural at a community centre or supply basics and host a DIY workshop. Colouring books and pencils and crayons or watercolour projects for kids; the art of origami, or mosaic for the elderly. Whatever you choose, ensure that you colour someone’s day.

  • Write inspiring quotes

You know how special you feel when receiving a note from an admirer. Help others feel the same by writing inspirational quotes on 67 self-made cards for 67 post boxes. Practise calligraphy and decorate each card uniquely with arts and crafts such as stickers, pegs, butterflies, flowers, or pompoms.

  • Knit blankets

Let’s face it, there are a lot of people on the street during this terrible cold. Encourage your friends to knit 67 squares to sew into blankets and add some warmth to someone’s day (and night). If you choose to support your local animal shelter, this too could be a lovely donation to our four-legged friends.

  • Stationery packs

Everyone loves a lucky packet! Help create and fill stationery packs for anyone – from pupils, teachers, the artist on the street corner trying to make a living, or young children in your community. Start by your helper’s children or grandchildren.

What is PNA planning for Mandela Day?

We’re driving an in-store initiative to encourage all our employees to show kindness toward fellow employees, customers and others, through small acts of kindness – to smile even with a face mask on, hold the door for customers and assist them with getting a trolley, offer to assist anyone in every way possible and to show interest in how customers’ and staff members’ day is going.

With our current situation, we don’t want to encourage people visiting one another, so from a PNA perspective, we thought it best to provide staff with colouring template sheets to show our appreciation, caring and kindness digitally, from a distance. These templates include words like Be Kind, Thank You, Get Well Soon etc. which will be decorated by staff members to be put up in the store for display and to share with any sick staff members, friends, family members or frontline personnel to reflect support.

You won’t miss out as we requested a photo of each individual with their colouring sheet separately to maintain a safe social distance, which we will collate and share on our social platforms. So keep an eye on our social for our staff messages to anyone who might need it.😉

However, you choose to spend this day, ensure you visit your nearest PNA for all your activity needs and help promote peace, reconciliation and fight poverty. We are fortunate, and we should choose kindness, humility and generosity towards those around us. For more suggestions on what you can do, click here.

Happy Mandela Day, PNA stationeers, creators and innovators!


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