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We live, love, breathe crafting. Creating beautifully unique things is what drives our passion for the art. It’s all about finding your inspiration and for this, we look towards nature. How can you repurpose items found in nature to look like store-bought pieces? We will be looking at different ways to use fallen branches, turning loose pebbles into durable bathmats and repurposing old board games into lovely coasters.

Decorative branches



Spruce up your living space with a touch of boho chic. From jewellery organisers, dream catchers, to a simple wall decoration, repurposing a beautiful piece of wood can save you money and look lovely in your bedroom. Something like this jewellery organiser is super easy to make, and with our ranges of paints and sponge applicators, you can customise your organiser to match your room and colour preferences!

For more inspirational pieces using wood, click here (

Pebble bathmat

craftingPut your old bathmat to rest – it’s seen better days, trust us! Not only do these mats look amazing in any colour bathroom, they are durable and won’t slip and slide like the old one did. This one might require you to stop by your local hardware store, you’ll need:

  • Rubber welcome mat
  • River rocks
  • Contact cement

And how do you get started? It’s as simple as piecing the pebbles together. Try to place the pebbles as close to one another for a sturdy base and tidy result! For the full tutorial, click here:

Scrabble coaster

craftingIs your Scrabble set missing a few letters? Well, we have a great alternative to throwing it away. It’s all about finding new ways to use old or worn out thing – it’s how we play our part in keeping the environment clean. So, put a pause on trashing your old Scrabble and upcycle! Apart from the little letters, you’ll need cork boards and some glue. 4×4 blocks should be ample space to comfortably fit any type of glass or mug, so get crafting now. For more info, click here:

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