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Uniquely Dad | Father’s Day Gifts Galore

When we think about Dad a lot of different emotions take hold. He’s our everyday superhero, the one who cracks us up with the cringiest dad-jokes and yet, still laughs the hardest at his own puns. He’s the one that we go to for advice, guidance and world-class bearhugs. He is uniquely Dad – my dad, your dad and we love him through thick and thin. Sadly, we don’t always celebrate him as often as we should and that’s why we think that this year should be different. Instead of getting the same old Father’s Day present you gravitate towards each year, mix it up with these options that he’s sure to love!

Because we understand that not all dads are the same and won’t necessarily like all the same things we’ve put together some of our favourite DIY prezzies that any type of dad will love. Feel free to mix and match to create the prefect Father’s Day gift mix.


Well-groomed Dad

When your dad loves to look good and smell good you better get with the program. We suggest a soothing shaving oil that will leave his skin smooth and silky. The best part is that you can customise it any way you want to and adjust the scents to what you think Dad would prefer. Click here for the basic recipe.

But if Dad is one of those who won’t shave his luscious facial hair for all the Top Gear episodes in the world, try this beard oil instead. This rosemary pine beard balm moisturizes and conditions both the beard and the face, leaving his beard smelling good as it softens and repairs. Get the recipe here.


Foodie Dad

Truly, we’ve never come across a dad that doesn’t love to eat, snack and nibble on all things yummy. Somehow, we believe that all dads are foodies at heart – whether their love centers around the braai or basting the roast in the oven, everyone can appreciate a delicious mouthful. It all starts with the right tools. We suggest customising an apron for Dad that matches his personality and foodie preferences – don’t be scared to add a personal touch. Click here to find out how to make a special apron for Dad.

But if your dad is all about the braai then we suggest appealing to his inner foodie. This braai rub recipe is the perfect plus-one to any family gathering and is sure to create some memorable mmm’s and second helpings. Click here for the recipe.


Family-time Dad

Family-time Dad thrives on spending quality family time with all of his favourite people. Most of the time all we want is spending more time with our loved ones and with our busy schedules it isn’t always so easy to make time. That’s why we thought we would bring back weekly game nights. Fill the container with little strips of paper containing an outdoor activity, board game or just some silly family-fun things you enjoy doing with Dad (and the rest of the gang of course). Click here for more.

Another fun option (containing a little bit of manual handiwork) is DIY giant Jenga! Now the stakes are even higher. Click here for the short video tutorial.  


Outdoorsy Dad

Every now and again Dad needs some alone time – just him, the open air and his trusty fishing rod. We know better than to disturb Dad during his ‘me-time’ so why not send him off with something that will at least remind him of you on his excursions. While it might be a little premature to send Dad off with a citronella candle in winter, you can never be to safe! A DIY citronella candle is a great Father’s Day present because it will last him many a fishing trip and will always remind him of the thoughtful person who made sure that his trips are always mosquito-free. Click here for the recipe.


Techy trendy Dad

Does it sometimes feel like Dad short-circuits when new tech drops? We can relate! So, give him the peace of mind when traveling by ensuring all his gadgets are safe in transit. Not only is this tablet case functional, but it’s also super trendy. Click here for the pattern.

Another great prezzie any techy trendy dad will love is this watch stand – perfect for keeping tabs on his tech. It’s the ideal present for any dad who loves clean lines with a modern finish.


Are you planning to get your dad any of these gifts for Father’s Day? Leave us a comment below and let us know which of these prezzies your dad will love the most.


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