Outdoor Crafts | Swings, veggie planter boxes and guinea pig sanctuaries

Kids spend too much time in front of the TV. How many times have you heard that line used before? Regardless of the cliché, it’s true. So how do you get your children away from the moving pictures without causing an outright riot? You involve them in other fun activities to distract them. We have some ideas for fun outdoor DIY projects that they’ll love long after the DIY ends!

Simple wooden swing

Have you picked out the perfect location yet? Choosing the proper location plays a major role in successfully building a swing set. Is the branch sturdy enough, high enough and is it still within view of the home’s main living areas? You’ll need no great carpentry expertise for this one, so gear up the kids and start building some DIY memories together! Have a look at the full tutorial and the materials you’ll need.

Veggie planter box

After stationery and crafts, we love working in the garden. And what better way to teach kids how to garden and take care of our beautiful earth than to have them nurture little plants of their own? Don’t think you have the space for a raised veggie garden? It can be built right over a concrete patio and unlike a normal garden bed, the drainage of the boxes are way superior with ample space for the roots to grow. We would advise not to start your veggie box on a wooden surface. When the bed is full of soil and water, its weight could cause structural damage to the wood. Let’s get building!

Once you have your box, plan a trip to your local gardening centre for seeds or little plants. Just remember that it can take a lot of time to grow food and children aren’t the most patient of creatures. Choose seeds that grow fast like salad lettuce, carrots, radishes, chives and other herbs.

Small pet outdoor enclosure

Let’s treat our furry friends to a new home, shall we? Whether you’re expanding a critter house or starting from scratch, DIY cages will help you save quite a bit. Feel free to add little hideouts, furniture or tunnels for a personal twist! With a little bit of effort and creativity, you can create a great-looking home for your guinea pig/rabbit that’s larger, cheaper, and a lot more stylish than what you can find in the stores. Get more inspiration here.

Getting the kids involved can be so much fun. Have them help you draft the design, scope out the perfect location and pick out the delicious food you can grow together. There are so many fun things you can do to include the kids – it just takes a little bit of creativity.


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