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Music makes us smarter – it’s true! This is because when you play a musical instrument your brain works harder to focus on the task at hand, training it to become better and stronger! So instead of sitting around the house this school holiday, keep the kids’ minds active by having them make their very own musical instruments using craft materials from PNA. Get those young minds working and hands crafting!

Noise makers

instrument noise makerNothing beats the holiday bores quite like these noise makers! And the best part? Children of any age can enjoy making them! Get out the markers and have your little one draw patterns on the cardboard for a truly unique design! We suggest using these PNA products to make your noise makers:

For the full tutorial and list of items you need to make the noise makers, click here for more:


Rubber band guitar

instrument drumAnother easy one for your kids to strum to this holiday is the rubber band guitar using an old cardboard box. An empty tissue box will also do the trick! Did you know that the thickness of the rubber band will determine the sound the instrument makes? We bet our 6 mm rubber bands are sure to hit the right note! Click here for the tutorial:


instrument maracas


This one is for the older kids. Shake your crafting skills into shape and learn how to make your own DIY maraca instrument this holiday! Pssst…if you can’t find these plastic eggs, use little balloons. So, shake your behind and make sure you pop in at your nearest PNA store and stock up on tape and markers!

Who knows, you might just have a little musical protégé under your roof all along! Be sure to stop by and stock up on all your craft supplies with PNA. Click here to find the nearest PNA store to you.


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