10 New Year’s Resolutions for Crafters: Nifty Tips and Tricks for 2024

Hey there, PNArtists! As we step into a brand-new year filled with possibilities, we at PNA understand the unique joys and challenges that come with being a crafter. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the DIY world, we’ve got some fantastic New Year’s resolutions tailored just for you. Plus, we’ve got your back with practical tips and a treasure trove of high-quality stationery supplies to make 2024 your craftiest year yet! Follow along for tips and tricks on forming the sort of positive craft habits that stick faster than hot glue on felt.

Resolution #1 – Avoiding Paint and Tea Confusion

Crafters, let’s kick things off by vowing not to confuse our teacups with paint cups, shall we? We’ve all been there, and we’ve all had the paint-splattered front teeth to prove it. Picture this: a washi tape rim as your knight in shining armour, saving you from accidental sips of your murky paint water. And guess what? PNA has a kaleidoscope of washi tapes waiting for you to explore. Simply wrap a bright tape of your choice around the rim of your fave painting water cup, so you always have an eye-catching reminder that this sip won’t be a tasty one.

Resolution #2 – Keeping the Hot Glue Gun Clean

No more sticky situations! We’re talking about your hot glue gun, of course. Regular maintenance is the key to preventing those pesky drips on your craft table. Most specifically, make sure you thoroughly clean your glue gun’s nozzle after every use to prevent the build-up of tough-to-remove residue that causes strings, drips and uneven distribution. Dive into the world of proper tool care, and watch your crafting efficiency soar. PNA is here to guide you on this sticky journey. Just ask one of our friendly team members for tips and tricks on keeping your glue gun in great shape.

Resolution #3 – Organising Pencils and Pens

Tired of searching for that elusive pencil of choice? Always losing that critical pen the moment you need to jot something down urgently? Fear not! PNA’s desk organisers are here to save the day. Discover the magic of a tidy crafting space and get those creative juices flowing without the hassle of misplaced tools. The less time you spend trying to locate your tools, the more time you get to spend crafting away to your heart’s content.

Resolution #4 – Regularly Sharpening Tools

Sharper tools = sharper creations! Embrace the importance of keeping your scissors and cutters in top-notch condition. A blunt cutting tool not only jeopardises the neatness of what you’re making, but it also makes the whole exercise more dangerous. You’re actually significantly more likely to injure yourself with a blunt implement than a sharp one.  PNA has an array of tools and accessories to keep your crafting arsenal in tip-top shape.

Resolution #5 – Prioritising Recycling and Upcycling

Crafting with a conscience? Absolutely! Dive into eco-friendly practices by recycling and upcycling materials. Get creative with everyday items, and let PNA inspire you with ideas for sustainable crafting. Make sure to save all your interesting scraps and extras from previous projects. You never know when inspiration could strike and you could make something fantastic out of your offcuts.

Resolution #6 – Learning a New Crafting Skill

New Year means an opportunity to improve yourself, and as a crafter, you have countless opportunities to get better at stuff. Ready to level up your crafting game? Challenge yourself to learn something new in 2024! Explore diverse crafting techniques with resources and materials from PNA, your go-to hub for all things creative. Try something trendy, like Cricut crafting, punch needling or macrame.

Resolution #7 – Keeping a Crafting Journal

Why not document your crafting journey? A crafting journal is a perfect companion to track projects and jot down brilliant ideas. You can also record methods and innovations that worked well and those that didn’t, so you can avoid mishaps in the future. Check out PNA’s journals and planners designed to keep your creative thoughts organised and accessible. Journalling your crafts is also a great way to look back and see how well your skills have developed.

Resolution #8 – Investing in Quality Supplies

Elevate your craft with the best tools in town! Using high-quality supplies ensures better results and a more satisfying crafting experience. Not only is your end product noticeably better when you opt for quality materials and tools, but the process will be smoother and more enjoyable, too. Discover PNA’s range of premium crafting materials and unleash your artistic prowess to its fullest potential.

Resolution #9 – Participating in Crafting Communities

Crafting is more fun when shared! Join crafting groups or online communities for inspiration, tips, and a healthy dose of camaraderie. You’ll find tons of like-minded craft aficionados on our Instagram and Facebook pages, ready to connect on all things artsy. Keep an eye on our social feeds for PNA-sponsored events or workshops to connect with fellow craft enthusiasts.

Resolution #10 – Dedicate Time for Regular Crafting

Last but not least, make a pact to dedicate regular time for crafting. Crafting can be your space for serenity, self-care, and taking well-earned time to let your creativity run free. At PNA, we understand that crafting is so much more than making pretty things – it’s expressing yourself in an honest and productive way!

2024: The Year of the Crafter

As we wrap up our craft-tastic resolutions, remember that PNA is here to support you every step of the way. These resolutions aren’t just promises to yourself; they’re the building blocks of a more fulfilling and creative year ahead. Ready to embark on your crafty journey? Visit your nearest PNA store (which you can find using our nifty store locator.) Share your New Year’s crafting resolutions and be sure to tag us so we can see and share. Let’s make 2024 the most creative year yet!


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