PNA Heritage Day Gift Ideas

This month we’re not only celebrating spring, but also our heritage. Yes, we are known as the Rainbow Nation, not only because of our diverse cultures, languages, and religions but also because of our distinct arts. South Africa is blessed with so many extraordinary talents that not being able to celebrate it would be sad.

Celebrating our heritage

With more greenery, birds chirping, flowers blossoming, and bees buzzing, who wouldn’t want to celebrate being alive in this beautiful country? We get to be grateful for being healthy, living and breathing! Oh, and of course, for being able to express ourselves imaginatively.

Although we get to celebrate the whole of September, there is, however, the official Heritage Day on Thursday, 24 September. We know, it’s Braai Day! The day where all citizens honour this day by having a braai with friends and family in unity.

Join us

We’re sure that you already started planning your event, and if you haven’t, no fuss, we’re here to shower you with ideas on how to make it special. We suggest finding something unique to your heritage, whether it’s ouma’s milk tart recipe or oupa’s old musical instrument. Make it, try it, and discover your culture. Share it with your children or your friends alongside the braai.

If you don’t have much to share tangibly or intangibly, we suggest you make something beforehand. We all haven’t seen loved ones in a while, so choose to show your appreciation of them attending with gifts and a memorable time to remember always.

Braai Day gift ideas

  • Petit spice holders: Spices in food are like colours to a painting – adding the flavour a masterpiece deserves. Consider making your guests petite spice holders, or a magnetic spice rack to be put on the side of the fridge or microwave. Pretty it up with words of inspiration in calligraphy or oil painted florals. Go as far as giving ‘a secret spice’ in a jar to be rubbed on steak and chops.
  • Homemade fire starters: Everyone needs it to start the fire. Ignite the wood and the conversation with a gift of fire starters. There are so many; you’ll get lost in these firing ideas! You can use pinecones dunked in wax, waxed wine corks, or sawdust cupcakes – our personal favourite.
  • Mini s’mores firepits: Who doesn’t love melted marshmallow with chocolate covered in a cookie?! Make up a gift of s’mores ingredients, with a mini firepit for all. If you really want to get fancy, add a cone to it – this way no one will get their hands all sticky.
  • Braai caddy: How many people could do with a braai caddy? Give a gift of a DIY braai caddy to every couple with everything you’ll need from the closest PNA branch to you.

If you’re planning on sharing your heritage day creatives to social media, don’t forget to tag us and using the hashtag #DiscoveringMyHeritage.

Happy Heritage Month, beautiful South African citizen!


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