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When I was a teenager I would always sit and watch my granny knit, she looked like a machine just swooshing those needles and wool, to the click, click, click sounds accompanying her actions. Her hands were so used to the rhythm and pace that she didn’t even have to look at her hands while knitting, she could chat to you or watch TV while knitting, and it was amazing!!

I am sure most grannies can knit like that, but I feel like that it’s an art that is dying with our grannies! Knitting to me was something old ladies did, once they were retired because what else were they going to do? Sorry ladies, those were the thoughts of a teenager, I know now that a mom/wife never sits around not having something to do. 😉

I was fortunate enough to get a few knitting lessons from my grandmother before she passed, but I wouldn’t say that I nailed it. It looked like something only a mother could love, so I didn’t pursue that craft. 😁🙈

Now years later I find myself on Pinterest looking and wanting all those amazing knitted creations, boot cuffs… infinity scarfs… headbands… But finding someone to do it for you is a mission, and then you pay a fortune in comparison to something shop-bought. I respect that because it is someone’s time, handiwork and income, but I can’t do that for every colour or idea that I see and love… 

Thank goodness for the internet, and this new trend called finger knitting. Anyone can do it; you don’t have to be an expert at knitting, reading patterns or doing fancy stitches. You just need the right wool, a project idea or photo and your two hands and you can create amazing knitwork! 

Go to PNA’s YouTube for the video that I made showing you step by step how to finger knit a boot cuff. 

You can use the same technique to create so many other items, like an infinity scarf or headband. 

To make the infinity scarf, you will finger knit a very long strand of 6 to 8 stitches (depending on your wool and the thickness you want your scarf).

Once you have a long enough strand to wrap at least two to three times around your neck, end/cast off your stitches, leaving a nice long tail.

Use both tail ends (or a new piece of yarn) to sew the two ends together. You can pull the yarn in a zig-zag pattern in and through the two ends and tighten it to pull it together. Tie the two tails together with a secure knot and cut the ends off as closely as possible to the knot. 

With a different colour, if you want, knit a 2/3 stitch strand, not too long, just enough to hold your scarf together.

Wrap your scarf around your neck as many times as you like it to be (your length of strand will also determine how many times). Take the smaller strand and wrap it around all the loops, combining/connecting your scarf together. You can either pin or hold the ends together while you take the scarf off. Now sew the two ends of the “connector” together to secure your infinity loops.

You can add some decorations to your scarf with either buttons or loomed flowers, just as you wish. 

To make a headband, use the boot cuff tutorial, but measure it around your head and adjust the number of stitches to your desired width. 

The possibilities are endless, and what I great gift to a friend or family member. I love giving handmade gifts! 

I might someday learn to knit like my grandmother used to do, but in the meantime, I am happy with my knitting 2.0 technique. I feel like I do carry a little bit of my granny with me with every knitting project that I do! 



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