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We all have our reasons for learning a new language. Frankly living in South Africa where we have 11 official languages and only knowing one (maybe two) is enough reason for us to start today. What’s keeping you from starting right now? Generally, we spend more time thinking about learning a new language than actually doing anything about it. The go-to excuse of ‘I’ll start next week/month/when we go overseas’ tricks your brain into thinking that you’re on your way to achieving your goal when actually you haven’t taken a single step yet.

So how do you get started today? The trick is to use a lot of different methods and find the best one for you.  Create a buddy system where you and a friend support each other through the learning process. Be public about your goals. When you verbalise it, you suddenly have something at stake if you don’t follow it through until the end. If possible, surround yourself with other people who are also learning a language to keep you motivated, to steal ideas from, and who will hold you accountable for getting started and moving forward. We also like the idea of setting the language on your phone to help you learn new words straight away.


Suggested reading for international languages: Collins Easy Learning Audio Course

The range will help you learn on the go. The UK bestselling audio courses allow you to learn all the language you need while abroad, without thick textbooks and complex grammar. What makes it different to other language learning audio books? It encourages a more instinctive approach to learning by immersing you in the language from the start of each course. There are also tips to help you remember each lesson, and cultural advice on local customs to help you blend in. Available in French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

Looking to take on an African language? Speak to any of our sales attendants instore to help you find the perfect medium and start learning today!

What are your language goals? Leave us a comment below and make the announcement for the whole world to read. Make it happen today and let’s start learning!


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