DIY Stationery that look super chic

Can’t seem to find stationery that reflect your personal style? DIY it and create something that’s right up your alley! From notebook covers to greeting cards and more, play around with different mediums to help you start off your year with a personal DIY touch.

Vegetable stamps

Did you know that vegetable scraps make the most beautifully-unique patterns? Simply cut off the stem-end and wait for it to dry out. If the stem is too wet it might dilute your ink or paint medium. Rather keep your designs sharp and crisp by blotting the veg on a paper towel after each use.

We suggest getting your hands on the Penguin Metal Stamp Pad and some VX Stamper Refills in Red to recreate the pattern.

Other great veggie alternatives are romaine lettuce stems or Brussel sprouts cut in half. Click here for the full tutorial.

Washi tape script

You can’t go wrong with washi tape! Why, because it does all the decorating for you. Imagine these scripts on the cover of a notebook – perfect for getting you through those looong classes or status meetings. A beautifully scripted inspirational message is sure to keep your spirits up!

The Meeco Executive Scissors is the best weapon to get all those loops perfectly precise!

Take the tutorial here.

Twine stamps

Who doesn’t have some spare twine laying around? Well, why not put it to good use and DIY some unique patterns! Just wrap some twine around a little wooden block and dip into any colour paint of your choice!

The Treeline Cotton Twine comes in different thicknesses so you can really experiment with the different textures.

Stamped pencil pouches

So, using these techniques, make a few DIY stamped pencil pouches for you and a friend!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Blank canvas pencil pouches
  • Craft foam with adhesive backing
  • Cork board
  • Fabric paint
  • Foam brush

Have a look at the full tutorial here.

Which stationery DIY are you dying to try? Leave us a comment below! Remember to get all your crafting and stationery supplies from a PNA near you!


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