You probably can’t wait for the exams to end so you can start planning your year-end holiday – Matric holiday anyone? Well rather than procrastinating and dreading opening those textbooks, how about reaching for a resource that will help you understand the work even faster? Our study guides are the ultimate weapon to ensure that you ace the last of the exams and have a great holiday, knowing that you’re well prepared for the test. Here are some of our top sellers.

Berlut Book Study Guides 

Berlut Books have become a household name in schools and homes throughout South Africa. The value of the book for independent study is used by hundreds of Home Schools, Damelin Correspondence College, Intec College and the Cambridge Distance Learning College. The iconic range is available in English, Afrikaans and Maths Grade 10, 11 and 12 handbooks. What makes these books so useful is that it contains all the rules, notes and useful vocabulary students need from senior primary to Matric – even tertiary level.

Ace it! Study Guides

Knowing that every learner learns differently, the creators of Ace it! have developed a range of study materials to suit individual learning styles. Not only are they CAPS and IEB approved, it covers all the bases. So, it doesn’t matter which school (or home-schooling) you attend, these cover all the bases! Use these guides throughout the year to supplement your school textbooks and teachers notes or use them as revision to test your skills before the year-end exam! Available to students from Grade 8-12 at PNA stores nationwide.

Pearson Slimkoppe & Smart-Kids

Available in Afrikaans and English, the series aims to develop young learners’ skills in Language and Maths in a fun and interactive way. What we love about these books are that they were written by experienced South African teachers. Not only that, but you can also download further resources like worksheets and flashcards directly from their website. The series consists of Workbooks, Skills Books, Practice Test Books, Graded Readers, online worksheets, flashcards, blogs, games and much more! Available for learners in Grade R – 7.

Remember to call ahead to your nearest PNA to inquire about the availability of these books. Have a look at our store locator here.


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