Make the exam a little less stressful and stock up on all the essentials to help you ace the upcoming exams. From sticky notes to folders and section dividers, have a look at our top exam essentials every student needs.


Sticky notes

Sticky notes are great for marking important sections in textbooks. It also allows for super easy to access those passages when you need the info fast! From thin strips, traditional squares or even star shaped stickies, find your perfect fit at PNA.

Hint: If you need an extra hand at remembering facts, write them down and stick the sticky note on your pin up board as a visual reminder.



Have you tried studying with coloured markers? Well, if you haven’t before this might just convince you to try it! Did you know that colour stimulates the brain? When you mark something in colour, you are not only able to access important parts faster, it actually helps your mind focus a little harder because it is intrigued by the colour. Look out for felt tip markers and highlighters when you’re doing your exam-prep shopping. These are some of our favourites!


File and dividers

Keep exam work safe and organised with tab dividers, ring binders and pocket folders. What makes files and dividers essential for schoolers is that they help to organise your desk and provide more study space. That means less clutter to distract you and the easier it is to concentrate and get the grades you’ve been working so hard for.


Arts & Crafts

Add a personal touch to summaries and notes with some stickers. Giving your work little accents of colour can affect your feelings, attention and behaviour when learning. Research has shown that students recall images in colour more easily than images in black and white. So, if you have a paragraph marked with yellow flowers, your brain will recall the flower and the copy next to it.


Study guides

A definite must have to prepare for the exams! Our study guides help prepare students so they’ll know what to expect on test day. From languages, sciences and maths to novels and poetry, these guides offer tips, sample questions and more.


Visit your nearest PNA store and be sure to stock up on all the goodies you need. Click here for more.


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