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Fathers Day Journal

Father’s Day is around the corner, and that means we get to celebrate all the little milestones that we’ve walked with Dad. That’s why this month’s tuturorial is perfect to show your Superhero Dad just how special he is. Take him on a journey from the first page to the last, with our Fathers Day Journal Tutorial.

Decorate a Father’s Day Journal | Tutorial

By: Linda Rose


Father's day journalFather's day journal










Father's day journal

  1. Place a piece of paper inside the front page of the hardcover book.
  2. Paint the front cover with white craft paint using a bristle brush. 2 Coats are suggested.
  3. Leave to dry totally.

Father's day journal

  1. Take the serviette and cut it to be slightly bigger then the book cover.
  2. Remove the 2 backing layers of the serviette, to only have the printed layer remaining.

Father's day journal

  1. Place the serviette on the book and hold it down, using the gold taklon paint brush, gently apply the podge over the serviette from the center outwards, be careful not to tear the serviette.

Father's day journal

  1. Once the serviette is glued down completely, dip your finger into the podge and go over the entire serviette to make sure the serviette is stuck down properly and that there are no creases or bubbles – especially around the sides.
  2. Leave it to dry totally.

Father's day journal

  1. Once dry, trim the serviette edges nicely using a craft knife.

Father's day journal

  1. Give it a layer of water-based varnish and when dry.

Father's day journal

  1. Stick embellishments on to give it a personalized final touch.

Father's day journal


If you decide to create this Fathers Day Journal Tutorial, make sure to snap a pic and share it on our Facebook Page! We hope you have a beautiful day spoiling your Dad! #ColourYourWorld



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