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12 Items for your DIY Worker’s Survival Kit.

12 Items for your DIY Worker’s Survival Kit.

We hope you had a wonderful and safe long weekend and an International Worker’s Day on Sunday, 1 May 2022, which rolled over to Monday. We assume you spent time with family and friends, but if you had to work, hopefully, you’ll soon get a day’s leave to celebrate it too.

Many blogs around International Worker’s Day usually get published before the day, encouraging their readers to celebrate the day with specific products, activities and events. However, we decided to give our topic a bit of a twist.

We’re already in May; can you believe it?! It’s the fifth month out of twelve. The first quarter is done and dusted! There are o-n-l-y 240 days left of 2022; let that sink in for a moment…

We couldn’t understand more if you’ve been hustling and bustling through the first 4 months of the year! Here at PNA, we don’t know the meaning of having “a nice relaxed day at the office”. No, no; we have stationery-, arts & crafts-, and books-hungry fans to cater for. This involves opening new stores where you need them most, supplying you with the best quality items and serving you in all kinds of ways – in-store, on social, and of course, with our super exciting, regular competitions wherever.

But we’re not here to toot our own horns. We simply want to state the fact that we understand the dedication and hard work. No matter your industry or job description, we’re all serving one another in some kind of way – so, THANK YOU! Here’s how you can say thank you to someone else –

PNA’s Worker’s Survival Kit Suggestion

There are still a whole lot of months left, and if they start to this year has been so hectic that it seems that time is just speeding past us; you can imagine how the remaining 7 months will go… We thought it best to give you some tips on creating a DIY worker’s survival kit for yourself, a friend or family member, or even a colleague or boss.

Our idea is funny, but who doesn’t need some cheering up, especially after the last two years we’ve been through. Here’s what to include:

  1. Box: Packaging is essential for everything we’re about to include, so get a box or any other type of packaging you think suitable and decorate it with accessories you can find from your nearest PNA store.
  1. Zoo Cookies: Some days at the office can be challenging, and we know some think ‘not my zoo, not my monkeys’, but it can become your zoo very quickly. Besides, it can also be used as an ordinary snack – who doesn’t love them anyway?!
  1. Band-Aids: Accidents happen, such as a paper cut or stockings tear. Band-aids can be used for literally anything – if you don’t want to answer emails at this stage, put a band-aid on your finger and walk around the office telling everyone how you just slammed your finger in the door…
  1. Chewing Gum: No, not necessarily after eating your garlic-loaded lunch, but instead of helping you stick it out. Did you know that if you feel stressed, a piece of gum can help soothe your nerves and give your mouth something to do?
  1. Erasers: Maybe you’re one of our pencil-fanatic stationeers? Then erasers are a definite must, but it’s also there to remind you that everyone makes mistakes. So, take chances, make mistakes and learn – we’re only human, after all.
  1. Lifesavers: Yes, the sweets! We wouldn’t suggest eating them all at once. One at a time for one of those They come in rainbow colours and will soon colour your world when you pop one in your mouth.
  1. Marbles: Obv, to replace the ones that you have lost! LOL! Keep them on your desk in a container and when things get a bit rough, try to focus on rolling one in a specific pattern for a couple of minutes. You’ll soon get your thoughts focused again.
  1. Paper Clips: Get the colourful ones instead of the metal or the plain white ones. It’ll assist in keeping things organised but also symbolises that whatever comes your way, you have to keep it all together.
  1. Pens: Need we say more? Pens for a couple of reasons – to write your wrongs, but also to ‘shout out’ your rights! If you accomplished something, write it big in your diary or notebook, colour it in – the more it stands out, the more it’ll motivate you to succeed more!
  1. Rubber Bands: Simply to remind you to be flexible. Our working environments change constantly, and if you can’t adapt or accept it, it could cause you to fall behind. Be open-minded about everything and leave fear behind for the unknown. The uncertain could end up being heaven.
  1. Balloons: Choose your favourite colour/s. You might be guessing the above items’ purposes correctly, but did you get this one? It’s for… reminding you not to blow up. It’s not worth it anyway – remember the 5-by-5 rule – If something won’t matter five years down the line, don’t bother wasting more than five minutes obsessing over it.
  1. 10 Cents: Our final addition, 10 Cents or 50 Cents, doesn’t matter. It’s not to buy a coffee or lunch but to remind you to give your opinion. Share your thoughts and contribute in any given situation – you’re not just a number; your voice matters!

We hope that you feel that you have things together after all. If you do, help someone out with the above worker’s survival kit or something similar. Most items are available at your favourite PNA store.

Have faith, hope and good luck with the rest of 2022, PNA fans!

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