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Childhood Cancer Foundation

Flip Flop Day – Have a heart and wear a sole!

Childhood cancer is a frightening reality that many families across South Africa must deal with daily. South African families face the most challenging battle they will ever have to encounter – alongside the little warriors fighting on the Frontline. But luckily, these brave children and teenagers, along with their families, never have to stand alone.

Flippie is back for CHOC’s Flip Flop Day 2023

Flippie! South Africa’s favourite and most well-loved CHOC SOLE-dier is back. Flippie a flip-flop with a wholehearted passion for compassion. He’s stepped up to lead the movement to get every South African – young, old, corporate, casual, from the seaside to the city – to have a heart and wear a sole! All he wants you to do, is to kick off your shoes for a day and slip on a pair of flip flops in support of the brave children and teenagers at CHOC. He is determined to get every one of us to set our 10 toes free, and walk beside our little fighters in solidarity against a disease that needs to know that we will NOT give up without a fight!

Where to find your Flip Flop Day stickers?

Buy a sticker at your nearest PNA store, slip on your favourite flip flops and take a colourful stand with all of us in support of the brave children and teenagers of the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation who are facing the battle against childhood cancer.

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