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Drawing Day: Don’t Fear The Blank Page, Let It Fear ...

It’s Drawing Day! Yeah, this is probably one of our favourite days to celebrate. The best thing about it is ...
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Girl’s Hair Accessories – Kitty Hair Clip

Moms, get out the fabric glue because today you’re creating your own cute little felt kitty hair clip – perfect ...
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How to paint a doughnut – gouache

STEPS Draw the outline with a pencil. Paint in the darkest shade of pink. Paint in the browns. Paint in ...
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Tie-Dye with Shellain Dettmer

Video Instructions Concertina Fan: Damp the T-Shirt. Spread the T-Shirt evenly on your table and make sure that the seas ...

Mother’s Day: Invest in the most desired gift.

Today is Mother’s Day, and unfortunately, it’s not a public holiday. However, it should be a day, like any other, ...
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Mother’s Day Colouring Pages

Spoil mom with her favourite colours on these free downloadable printables in English and Afrikaans.
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15 Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Day

They play a critical part in our children’s lives, educating and shaping them. Who are they? No, not parents, or ...
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Mother’s Day Cards

Just a friendly reminder that Mother’s Day is next week, Sunday, 9 May… So, start early with the perfect card ...
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May Free Colouring Calendar

It’s cold! 🖐️ Keep those hands warm by downloading our FREE May calendar and start colouring.