World Productivity Day: Efficient stationery & office solutions

What does productivity mean to you? Accomplishing as much as you can as efficiently as possible, driving everyone around you towards a common goal, or perhaps you think that productivity is a mythical concept that should be avoided at all costs.

If you choose the preceding meaning, then you are exactly where you need to be – reading this blog about World Productivity Day, how stationery helps boost productivity and tips on office solutions that contribute to productivity.

World Productivity Day

Today is World Productivity Day. We know that staying truly productive can be a severe challenge. Still, we want to encourage you to stay focused on how you can maximise efficiency, stripping wasted time and make more time in your life for the things you love, such as creating, crafting, and innovating.

Yet this day doesn’t have a central point of celebration; we want to use this opportunity to share what a difference stationery in productivity can make.

Ways stationery can boost productivity

  • Notebooks: there are 20+ ways how a notebook can boost your productivity; however, making to-do lists is at the top for us. This way, you’ll keep track of tasks daily. Would you choose a notebook with lines for structure or a plain paper notebook for doodling?!
  • Pens: the various coloured pencils, pens and highlighters help with productivity – writing down important notes, drawing mind maps and highlighting critical info in a document. Getting creative in this way also lowers stress. Try it; everyone has a creative side!
  • Bullet journaling: there are notebooks, and there is having all your info, plans and notes in one place via bullet journaling. It’s your choice of how in-depth you want to go with it using bullets, symbols, headings, stickers, etc. But with all-in-one place, it’s quicker to look at and find what you need.
  • Visual, physical planners: helping you see objectives and goals monthly and daily puts your focus on the broader spectrum, helping you plan for the near future and be organised. Yes, we know there are calendars on your smartphone, but how often have you missed important dates or plans?
  • Colours: colours can help boost your productivity. For example, colour-coordinating files, folders and papers help your brain associate them with specific tasks. Choose colours that generate positive moods and emotions, such as yellow, synonymous with being happy.

Office solutions that contribute to productivity

Now that you know how stationery can help boost your productivity, here are some office solutions to contribute to that –

  • Organising: 72% of workers feel less productive when working in a disorganised office, searching for items. Organise your work environment with labels and storage solutions to eliminate chaos.
  • Technology: the right technology offers flexible working. Search for relevant tech platforms or tools to help you organise, plan, and communicate more efficiently.
  • Hygiene: Nowadays, we don’t know if a colleague has Covid-19 or the flu, but keep clean wipes and cleaning material so workers enjoy a more hygienic workplace.
  • Healthy snacks & beverages: Health starts in the stomach and has a massive impact on our physical health, concentration, mental well-being and performance. Consume nutritious foods, such as fresh fruit and trail mix, or a healthy brekkie option such as “grab and go” breakfast bars or nutritious cereals. The same goes for lunch.
  • Breaks: Taking regular breaks makes many people more productive because they break from the chronic busyness cycle and see the light. Have a coffee somewhere else than your familiar working environment.

Hopefully, you can integrate some of the above stationery and office solutions into your life, helping you become more productive.

Happy Smart-Work Day!


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