Spring to it: out with the old!

Spring to it

Welcome to our first blog of the season! But winter wasn’t that bad, now was it? Sure, July got a bit chilly, but that just meant more time cuddling with our loved ones. For us, it didn’t just mean the significant other or the kids, but also our cats and dogs. We loved it! But now is the time to spring to it!

Now is the time for change. We look forward to the summer rains in Gauteng (if you’re in that area – a significant amount of our stores are there, especially in Pretoria and the greater Johannesburg area).

Spring is our favourite season.

Although we’re not so much for the height of summer, which tends to leave us a bit hot under the collar.

No matter though, spring is our favourite season because it’s just like how Goldilocks likes her porridge: not too cold, not too hot, but just right.

Spring is also all about metaphorically cleaning out your cupboards. Out with the old, in with the new!

Spring to it! It being new stock.

For instance, we’ve noticed a particular problem that happens sometimes in the dryness in some parts of the country. Sure, there was some nice rainfall in the Cape, but in Johannesburg? It was so dry, you could write the word ‘dry’ on your arm – just like that old skin lotion ad!

And dryness meant that half-closed tubes of paint dried up faster than a desert after it has had its once every ten years rainfall. There’s nothing worse than trying to get paint out of a dried tube. It’s like trying to squeeze out the truth from your typical politician: darn near impossible. Therefore, the answer is: spring to it – it being our store.


Not to mention stationery: do you really want the same old same old? It’s spring! Spring to it! Time to find something colourful for your collection. And there’s always an excuse to get more stationery. We mean, c’mon, that stuff tends to run out or wear out fast – especially if you’re a busy-body like us.

So there’s a simple answer to all that. And it’s at your nearest PNA. So spring to it! You know you love us: visiting once a week and you’ll find more than you’re seeking. Because we constantly have new and exciting stock. We know, we know, you come in for one thing and end up with a trolley’s worth of products.

Happy place.

But it’s okay. PNA is your happy place.

So it’s time to replace your old stationery and art supplies and find something perfect for the season! Colourful and bright. You’ll see the light when you step inside.

Let’s do some spring shopping: like the bunnies that are now coming out to play, hop to us today and experience the magical experience that is PNA. So spring to it!


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