Spring art is how we’re starting off October’s blogs. That’s because it’s time to appreciate the robust beauty around us. And creating art is the finest way to do that. It captures the majesty of the world in such an eloquent way. We hope you enjoy our selection of gorgeous pieces done by a variety of visionaries.

Take, for instance, the feature image. It’s by Yarikart. What we love about it most is how the whites (such as in the tree leaves and the clouds) blend wonderfully with the greens of the meadows. Another thing we appreciate in our art: use of light, such as in the reflection of the water.

Oh, those later sunsets! After going through extremely short days – where some of us had to leave the office as the gloom loomed – it‘s refreshing to finally see the light (literally!) after a short, but very cold, winter.

The sunsets are so much more magical now, as this painting reflects. It’s done by Helen Hotson. And it brings a rustic rub with its thatched fisherman’s hut.

We particularly love the scarlet clouds, as the sun sets on another day. Like the feature image, the use of light on the water is inspiring – it feels almost in motion.

For something more abstract, look no further than this bokeh-like effect of blossoming trees! It’s about ecstatic joy in the Colours of the season – capturing the spirit of the flourishing forest life in all its multitude of colours. While not a true abstract, in the sense that it doesn’t have a sense of complete randomness about it, it has enough to make it a hazy warm spring day. Pluier is the artist here.

This painting’s beauty is in its pure simplicity. Wondrously coloured in pastel blue, its hues of red and green form a sublime undercurrent of spring’s little beauties… The flowers that appear to pop up out of nowhere, the sudden encouraged growth of life of all flavours and spectacular sights.

Done by Zamurovic, its singular focus brings spring’s subtleness to life.

We are so not going to leave out the pink-white glory of the sakura! As any of our Instagram followers know, we are positively in love with this gorgeous specimen of a tree! It blooms cherry blossoms during spring in Japan and Korea, with rows of these standing serenely along park paths in those countries.It perfectly brings in spring, at least in the most romantically Far Eastern parts of the world – though it has long captured the imaginations of many of us far to the west and south.

Perhaps it is the image of Japanese snow finally melting to the fiery blossoms captured by a divine wind that inspire so many glorious pieces of art to abound.

Whatever it may be, be sure to follow us at @pnasouthafrica on Instagram for more enchanting images likes these. They will capture your soul with the sheer beauty of our world, whatever the season, rhythm or reason.

All seasons bring their charms.

But none quite like the quiet calm renewal of spring.

If you feel inspired by these artworks, go to PNA and resupply, and multiply your creativity into something truly inspired by spring art.


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