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Monthly Cover Page Set Up in Bullet Journal with Lurinda


Materials Utilised:

  • Kenzel Dot grid A5 Bullet Journal
  • Fine liners
  • White Gel Pen
  • Marco Raffiné Water Colour Pencils
  • Water-based markers

Step-By-Step Process Outline:

With each new month of the year, I design a new cover page for every month. I will get my inspiration from the bullet journal community on Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.
For this specific cover page, my inspiration was stained glass with flowers.

Firstly, I will draw out the sketch to fit on the A5 page. Sketching does take the longest time, and this is where you can draw and redraw until you are satisfied with your sketch. I usually use a mechanical pencil with hard graphite, which can erase easy. If you erase too many times, the paper will get thinner, and the effect you want from your colours will not look the same. Best to erase as little as possible.

Secondly, I will choose the colours with which I will colour my illustration.

Next, I will line my sketch with a thin fine liner to get the image as close to printed as possible. If you make a lining mistake, you can use a white gel pen to erase the line. I find that this is the best way, as you can recolour that area when colouring your illustration.

I used my water-based markers (Crayola Super Tips) to colour in the entire illustration. I did not go over the same colour twice, as this will darken your colour part.  Water-based markers work excellent when darkening part of the image; for example, when colouring in a leaf and you want to add shadow, just go over that part with the same marker.

I used water-coloured pencils to get a more stained glass look and feel. I also used it to add shadows, leaving a light area at the top of the flowers. Watercolour pencils are great for blending colours; adding water will look like a watercolour painting.

I used my white gel pen to add some water droplets to the stained glass for some special effects. I left the title uncoloured to make it clearer and stand out and tell me which month it is. The white is a perfect contrast to the very vibrant colours I used for the stained glass.

Lastly, I finish off with an inspirational quote to look at for the month. I do not add the blue or green colour (except on corners) on the quote page, as this is not the focus point of the spread. Only the flowers in this setup are being highlighted. The quoted page can easily be highlighted when adding more vibrant colours and layering the colours to match the cover page by blending until you have your desired look.

There are endless options, inspiration, possibilities and ways you can set up cover pages in your bullet journal. I set up my cover pages, calendar pages, tracker spreads, and weeklies. I love doing this creative art so much that I do custom journals for customers.


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