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Let your creativity fly on Card Making Day!

Card Making Day 3 Oct

This year has been no ordinary year with Covid-19 present as if it’s second nature now and having to adapt to special occasions in the beginning and during the lockdown up until two months ago. We had to learn how to celebrate events virtually by sending e-cards through WhatsApp, email, or ‘partying’ over a Zoom call.

But that has passed, and we get to embrace these moments with personalised cards again… It’s the least effort anyone can perform after the year every individual has experienced. We never know what the future may hold, so, let’s make the best of the remaining days. Have you considered making a card for upcoming birthdays or even for Christmas around the corner? (yip, it’s less than 100 days away.)

Making a card is one of the best gifts to give from the heart, with our hands and with the vision we have of the people we love. Therefore, we challenge you to make your own cards for special occasions, holidays, and birthdays… Not just on Card Making Day, 3 October, but for the rest of 2020 as well.

Card Making Day History

For centuries, cards have played an important role in social circles – from serving as a thoughtful gift to being a necessary part of proper etiquette. Let’s consider the calling card of the Victorian era – a small piece of paper with someone’s name to it and some sort of decoration which was presented to household servants to be delivered to the masters of the house to announce visitors.

Then there was also the dance card carried by women to fill out with names of the men they intended to dance with on a specific evening. The purpose was to keep track of the interested parties and honestly decline if the dance card was full.

From there, business cards, greeting cards, invitation cards and million other types of cards developed. Doesn’t this excite you in learning to make your own?

Make a Card with PNA

There are classes and tutorials online everywhere, but you could also keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for ideas and supplies needed to make interesting cards. You could use different paper, colour mediums, scrapbooking elements, etc. The only limit is your imagination, so gather your friends and family and let your creativity unfold.

Here are a few mistakes to avoid when making a handmade card with a beam of delight:

  • Spelling: There’s nothing more embarrassing than a card with spelling errors as it can come across looking careless, especially when it comes to names. Suppose you’re not sure about the spelling, rather Google or ask before putting it down on paper and hoping for the best.
  • Language: Even if offensive language seems funny at the time, keep in mind where the recipient may place the card for others to see. If someone sees it that shouldn’t have had, it may reflect badly on you and the person you gave it to.
  • Jokes: When thinking about adding jokes, run them past someone else to see if they think it’s as funny as you’d hope it to be. You don’t want to create confusion or bewilderment that’ll make you look like a fool, especially in a large group.
  • Word length: Don’t use too many words. Cards should be decorative with short greetings and well wishes. Also, when having too many words on the outside, your handwriting becomes smaller, which makes it difficult to read. Keep it short and sweet and think about more elaborate phrases for inside the card.

Remember to follow us on our social platforms and share your card-making arts and crafts by tagging us. Now, go make some memories from the heart! Click here to see the PNA store closest to you for all your card-making supplies.


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