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Celebrate May’s Stationery Days with PNA!

May’s Stationery Days

PNA is all about celebrating, especially when it comes to stationery, art & craft materials, and educational books. We must say that we think May is one of our favourite months because it’s jam-packed with special days –

  • 16 May 2022 – Drawing Day
  • 18 May 2022 – Numeracy Day
  • 19 May 2022 – Notebook Day
  • 21 May 2022 – Memo Day
  • 27 May 2022 – Cellophane Tape Day
  • 29 May 2022 – Paperclip Day

Six celebrating days in one month – we must be lucky?! But where do these days come from, what do they mean, and how could you celebrate each of them together with PNA? The first thing to remember is that your nearest PNA store stocks products related to all of the above, making it easier to participate.

Drawing Day

Drawing Day is a dedicated day to free the artist inside of us, so break out your pencils, pens, and crayons and create something! Share your beautiful and amazing drawing with us and the world. Start with our drawing challenge below using the following mediums offered in-store.

Numeracy Day

Whether you like numbers or not, it’s a massive part of life. Numeracy Day recognises the importance of numbers and numeracy. Therefore, we want to encourage you to improve your numerical skills or even a child’s by practising brain working and thinking exercises.

Start simple with the DIY number match game with a few supplies from your favourite PNA store. Download the free template here:

Notebook Day

Jot down your daily to-do list, journal your thoughts and ideas, make lists for the next party you’re planning or even try some creative writing with good old pen and paper. Notebook Day is dedicated to emphasising the importance of journaling and what it can do to help us – overall, it’s a crucial process that can have profound psychological effects.

See how we stitch a cover for a notebook in our video, and download the template here:

Memo Day

Who still uses memos to pass on information in the office? We all do! We celebrate the sacred source of communication for generations on Memo Day… Yes, the memo.

Make sure everyone knows about everything with this awesome memo board! You will need a black wooden board, Jute rope, glue, paint, a paintbrush, and masking tape (optional).

Cellophane Tape Day

A staple of every home and kindergarten class for creative arts and crafts, this 1930s invention has a dedicated day because its uses are surprisingly boundless. Here are the basic, clear Sellotape options available at PNA.

Its more modern alternative is Washi tape. There are endlessly patterned and coloured washi tape choices out there! Visit your nearest store to see what they have in stock.

Paperclip Day

Everyone knows that paper clips can be used to hold papers together, but did you know how many other things can be done with them? Lots and lots, such as emergency key chains, emergency zipper tabs, emergency hair clips, or…

DIY Paperclip Bookmarks! Watch the video here.

These cute wool, and paperclip bookmarks would make a great Saturday afternoon craft and, might we add, an adorable gift!

Clay Doughnut Paperclips. How adorable are these?

Don’t forget it’s Stationery Week from Sunday, 16 to Sunday, 22 May 2022. So, get to your favourite store today and get busy with your most-loved stationery item, and show us on social what you’ve been up to so far this month.

Until our next blog!



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