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Make exam review fun with these 3 fun games!

3 Fun exam review games for teams

Can we play a game?! To make the exam season a bit more exciting, we thought to shower you with fun exam review games for kids to beat the test-prep blues. These tips and activities will help make preparing an engaging and productive venture.

Let’s play!

  1. Pictionary


Pictionary is fun, and even more so if you can’t draw! Pair up with your fellow scholars or students in teams of two. From the first pair starting, the drawer picks up a card with a term on it (subject-related) and has 1 minute to draw clues to help the other team member to guess the correct answer. If the one guessing can’t get the correct answer after a minute, then the other pair can try to ‘steal’ the points. If they succeed in getting the answer right, they earn 5 points. Then it’s the next team’s turn. The players can decide how long they want the game to last, and the team ending up with the most points wins.

If you’re a teacher and think this is a suitable game for class, you can follow the above instructions and have the two winning teams play it off on a whiteboard for the title of the ultimate Pictionary Pair.

  1. Battleships


You get to throw paper balls with this one! Make groups of 4 and have each group write down 5 questions (subject-related) with no option of the answer being yes or no. These questions should be written on separate pieces of paper and crumpled into balls.

Let the battle begin! Choose a team to start throwing a bomb at the other team. The team being thrown at has just 2 minutes to read the question, discuss and answer. If they succeed with the correct answer, it’s their turn to bomb. If they’re wrong, two of their battleships sink. Play until the winning team remains.

If you’re a teacher, you can put all the rules on a PowerPoint, ensure all the questions are appropriate and decide whether you want this to be an open-book practice or not. You can also have props to keep track of who has lost battleships – perhaps something that floats on water to make it a bit real.

  1. Stinky Feet

Stinky Feet

Prepare a couple of questions. We suggest 20+ subject-related questions. The rules are straightforward – teams answer the questions, and if they get them correct, they get to choose a sticky note from the board or poster. But here’s the catch. Each sticky note has either a positive or negative value assigned to it.

Keep playing until all the questions are answered, or the sticky notes are used up. Tally up the teams’ scores on a whiteboard as you go along. The team with the most points wins, and it doesn’t always have to be the positive count. Time and again, you can choose the team with the most negative points to win.

There are numerous games out there that can turn studying into a pleasurable activity. Never should it be dull to learn something new! Remember to get everything you need to prepare at your favourite PNA store.

Good luck with the exams looming! You can do this!


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