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Polymer Clay Bear Charm Tutorial by UNA Punalun Studio

Polymer Clay Bear Charm Tutorial

What you will need:

  1. Polymer clay
  2. Dotting tool
  3. Clay cutting blade / Craft knife
  4. Eye pin
  5. Superglue
  6. Pliers
  7. Gloss varnish
  8. Brush (to apply varnish)


  • If you cannot find a specific clay colour in the store, you can easily mix the colour you need.
  • A smooth tile is a great surface to work on because the clay won’t stick to it, but you can also work on taped down wax paper.
  • Be sure to condition the clay before sculpting by properly kneading the clay. This removes air that may be trapped in the clay and prevents the clay from cracking when baking.
  • When baking the clay, ensure that you do not exceed the maximum time and temperature as stated on the packaging.
  • To remove dust from your piece before baking, you can use acetone and a cotton bud and lightly rub the surface of the piece.
  • Be sure to rinse your brush in water after applying the varnish.
  • You can add your charm to a keychain using a jump ring or ribbon.


  1. Condition the clay and mix the colours you will need. (For this charm, you will need dark brown for the bear’s head, a small amount of dark and light brown for the ears, a small amount of black for the eyes and nose and a small amount of pink and yellow for the flower.)
  2. Roll the dark brown clay into an even ball to form the bear’s head.
  3. Roll a small amount of dark brown clay into a ball and flatten it on your work surface.
  4. Roll an even smaller ball of light brown clay and flatten it on top of the dark brown clay.
  5. Use a cutting blade or craft knife and cut down the middle of the flattened clay to form two ears.
  6. Place the ears on the head and press down lightly.
  7. Cut and roll two small balls of black clay.
  8. Using a dotting tool, mark where the eyes will be on the bear’s head and place the black clay.
  9. Cut and roll a small oval of black clay to form the nose and place it between the eyes.
  10. Cut and roll 5 or 6 small balls of pink clay.
  11. Place the pink clay in a flower petal formation and shape the balls into petals using a dotting tool.
  12. Cut and roll a small ball of yellow clay and, using a dotting tool, place it in the middle of the petals.
  13. Cut an eye pin to the correct length and insert it at the top of the head.
  14. Bake the charm in the oven according to the instructions on the clay’s packaging.
  15. After the charm has cooled, use pliers to remove the eye pin and then adhere it with super glue.
  16. Using a brush, finish off the charm with 3 to 4 coats of gloss varnish. (You can make the process of applying the varnish easier by hanging the charm on a paperclip.)
  17. Hang the charm to dry and allow about 15 minutes between coats, or until touch dry.

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