Mother’s Day: Invest in the most desired gift.

Mother's Day

Today is Mother’s Day, and unfortunately, it’s not a public holiday. However, it should be a day, like any other, to celebrate and honour the mother of a family and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.

Some of us are guilty of last-minute shopping and scavenging gifts from various stores. Others might have bought something special weeks ago. Yet, our blog today is not about art and craft ideas for every superwoman on your list. It would be kind of too late…

The Most Desired Mother’s Day Gift

Our blog is merely a reminder that mothers, new moms, mothers-in-law, grandmas, aunts, and sisters don’t really care about the cosy slippers, caramel-filled chocolates, new-released books, and the R180+ bunch of flowers they might receive today. Don’t get us wrong, every woman loves spoils, but the most desired gift is quality time with her loved ones.

Quality time could mean lots of different things for different women. Nevertheless, quality time shouldn’t be part of only today’s agenda but more like a daily investment. Luckily, this type of investment doesn’t cost a cent.

We understand that life gets hectic, and there are priorities. Sometimes, it’s impossible to speak with your mother every single day, and if you do, kudos to you! We want to encourage you to think deeper about the wise woman in your life.

Can you imagine your life without her? Neither can she, and that’s why she needs you. She needs you to be there, for her. Also letting her know that she’s still valuable to you. Whether it’s surprising her with a phone call, giving her an unexpected hug, making her a cup of tea even though she didn’t ask for one… It’s the small things like including her in some decisions, that might seem irrelevant to you, but would mean the world to her. These decisions could be anything from a supplement for cream in food to which insurance provider she recommends.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Just as we care for our own mothers, we should care for other moms too. They’re all around us – working in our stores, shopping from our stores, managing our stores and our brand. They might be the women you see in front of you right now

Our point is that every mom could do with a simple smile, politeness and perhaps a helping hand. We don’t know what others’ circumstances are, and there’s no way to know unless we ask, which we don’t necessarily do due to several reasons.

If you’re travelling today or just popping out for a moment, consider other moms and treat them with friendliness, thoughtfulness and respect because they deserve it. They compromise so much, and it’s the least we could do.

For the mom reading this, we hope that your day is filled with love, laughter, fond memories and new ones. Thank you for your contribution to raising and shaping your children, the community and ultimately, our country.

If you’re not a mother yourself yet, or prefer to be a pet mom, we hope you spend your day reminding your mother how much she’s loved, how thankful you are for all her work, and more. Make her remember how appreciated she is. It’s pretty simple…

Happy Mother’s Day to all!


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