August: Choose happiness

We’ve all been impacted somehow during this pandemic, but we encourage you to find your happiness again during August. We’re all unique, and our happiness might be hidden in a new hobby, a new pet, or just deciding to embrace everything positive around you. This month we’re celebrating everything that makes us happy…no matter what it is.

Why? Because it’s Happiness Happens Month and happiness is unlimited and contagious. When you’re happy, and you’re sharing it with others, you can easily bring joy in other people’s lives. Don’t you just feel good when you fill up your tank, and the attendee greets you with friendliness, asks you how your day is going and then enquires how he may assist you?

No, we’re not living in la-la-land, and it might sound silly, but this month has an important purpose, especially now, don’t you agree? We don’t necessarily know what’s happening in other people’s lives and how they’ve been affected these last couple of months, but happiness happens in one small moment at a time.

It’s each of our responsibility to recognise those moments, and if possible, share it with others. Small actions also boost happiness and could be anything from the person at the shopping centre entrance sanitising our hands while asking how we are, or the person giving you the go-ahead at a stop sign even though they were first to stop. It’s a personal experience, and once you receive it, you should do the same and share it with others.

You don’t necessarily have to talk to anyone, but if there’s someone within a PNA store just randomly talking to you about paints, join in on the conversation and share your tips and secrets. If the person is interested in any educational, office or stationery supplies, remind them that 1 August marks Planner Day, or that Colouring Book Day is on the 2nd. Whether the person is fanatic about arts and crafts, inform them that Calligraphy Day is coming up on the 12th and have a friendly discussion around your plans to honour this day.

The history of Happiness Happens Month

Believe it or not, but there is The Secret Society of Happy People (SOHP), no jokes… Well, at least not this time. The Founder, Pamela Gail Johnson, said that she started the Secret Society of Happy People in 1998 to provide a missing voice for those who are happy and want to express it without having other people rain on their parade.

Initially, the celebration started on 8 August 1999, with Admit You’re Happy Day. Soon the members decided that they want the happy feeling to last longer and in 2000, they expanded the celebration to the entire month. Eventually, it was renamed Happiness Happens Month.

Celebrate your happiness

If you’re reading this, we take it that you’re either a stationeer, creator, or innovator and we want to urge you to seize the opportunity and do something for yourself for a change. Sometimes we get caught up in creating for others, whether they want a portrait or a colourful drawing, or even a homemade clock. And if this makes you happy, we’re thrilled, because you’re sharing your work, but make something for yourself too.

After all, happiness starts at home. If you’ve been struggling to get to that bathroom cabinet, take the time this month and paint it the way you prefer and add those floral stencils that have been kept away for months. By doing this, you’ll develop your happiness and extend it into the products and creations for others.

Before you go, we invite you to involve us by dropping by your nearest PNA store for anything you require, and if we don’t have it, we’ll make sure to order it for you. We want to see the joy on your face when you enter and leave. We choose to be #SmileStarters, do you?


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