Done and dusted! Another exam series bites the dust and we can’t wait for the long-awaited holiday to start. Whether you’re looking to beat the boredom or possibly trying to find your next craft project to master, look no further. We have some ideas that are sure to appeal to everyone.



Watercolour has been around for centuries and it is the process of mixing pigments with a binder and applying it to a support, like paper.  When the binder evaporates, the pigment fixes itself to the support leaving you with a watercolour base. Essentially, it comes down to mixing pigment with water and transferring it to paper. If you use less amounts of water the end result will be denser and vice versa. The one thing to remember when it comes to watercolour painting is that as with any other piece of art, there are no rules to creating a masterpiece. Be creative, try different techniques and above all, have fun!

Click here for some useful tips to getting started with watercolour painting.



Can you believe that the year is already halfway done? It feels like we just got back from December vacation and luckily the memories are still fresh! So, what better way to remember all the fun times we had over the holiday, and the course of the year, by creating a scrapbook? It’s a fun hobby that will allow you to revisit all the fun times you had with your friends and lay it out with your own personal style.

If you’re interested in starting a scrapbooking project we suggest heading over to your nearest PNA store. Our scrapbooking aisles are filled with new things to try and play with. With no shortage of beautiful pieces, we’re sure that you’ll be inspired to start creating.


Sharpie art

You’ll be surprised to find out what you can do with Sharpies! Possibly one of the more versatile art supplies around, Sharpies come in a variety of colours (we’re obsessed with the metallics) giving you even more creative options! It’s like they say: Don’t knock until you try it!

Any of these Sharpie surprises would make a great birthday gift if you’re looking for a more cost-friendly alternative. We just adore this tie-dye effect canvas shoes! Personalise it with your own stylised touch or add an extra detail that only you and your BFF will understand. Get the step-by-step tutorial here and start scribbling.

Like we mentioned, Sharpies are a super versatile medium. From shoes to coaster tiles, you can decorate nearly anything. With the help of rubbing alcohol, Sharpies can turn into watercolour art. Watching the ink spread to make these beautiful patterns is one the best parts of this project!

At PNA we offer a wide variety of art supplies to help make your school holiday exciting. Find what you love and explore all there is to make at PNA. #ColourYourWorld


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