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Who the unusual audience in the book The Master of Horror?




A dead cat fascinates four friends who visit the remains to watch it decay. On one visit they make an exciting find which turns their curiosity into a death defying escapade.

Against the backdrop of a crime thriller, Ollie and the Dead Cat sensitively explores the relationship between little Ollie and his older brother. Through the allegory of the dead cat, themes such as sibling rivalry, peer pressure and bullying drive a fast-paced narrative and are resolved beautifully.




Inner-city Johannesburg is a cruel and dangerous place. Young Bella’s dreams are continuously dashed. Through dogged optimism, her determination to succeed and a willingness to learn new skills, Bella makes a beautiful world out of the trash that surrounds her.

I am Living Here is a heart-warming, coming-of-age story. Readers will enjoy themes of friendship, bullying, self-acceptance and the triumph of securing a future which emerge from this look into the fragile, stressful world of adolescence.



Uncle Lash and Lily

Uncle Lash and the boys take Lily for a daily walk. He entertains his young companions with hilarious tall-tales but it is poor Lily who has real and terrifying adventures along the way.

Through simple story lines and delightful illustrations, Uncle Lash and Lily will introduce readers to the layout of the short story – setting, plot, climax, conclusion – and the concept of dual narrative.





The Weird Teacher

For one young boy the usual excitement is compounded by rumours that his teacher is “weird”. How Mr Legodi became “weird” is the source of much speculation until the shocking truth is revealed.

The Weird Teacher explores themes of prejudice and social acceptance. The instantly recognisable cast of schoolyard characters and an energetic, laugh-aloud comedy narrative has universal appeal.




Ugly Sausage

On her first sleepover, Anna has to deal with an awkward meal and a rude, dangerous sausage. While trying to remember her manners, Anna comes up with amusing and unsuccessful strategies to finish her supper.

The Ugly Sausage will appeal to any child who has had to eat something unpleasant. Important literary devices such as foreshadowing, personification and point-of-view through robust, delightful cartooning are used throughout the book.



The Master of Horror

A failing, movie director re-invents the horror genre for a rather unusual audience – CATS! Cat horror involves bouncy ghost puppies, spooky mirrors and horrible wet paws.

With bold, bright cartooning and many joke references to the horror genre, The Master of Horror introduces young readers to the classic literary device of a story within a story and the jargon of film making.



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