Become a Franchisee

PNA is continuously expanding its national footprint across all provinces in South Africa. Our franchise model is focused on continuous growth and offers distinct benefits through partnerships with current and new franchisees, customers, suppliers, bankers, marketing agents and landlords.


  • PNA operates within an established segment in the customer market.
  • Store owners (franchisees) have their businesses' interest firmly at heart.
  • Each store offers personalised customer service to its surrounded communities.
  • Decision-making is prompt and operations-focussed with support from the PNA Franchisor (Head Office Management).


  • A strong, recognizable brand that is synonymous with family values.
  • Product procurement and general assistance with the initial store set-up.
  • Effective, central supplier negotiations.
  • The benefit of national marketing campaigns.
  • General marketing and communications support.
  • Operational and in-store support.
  • Staff training (PNA Training Academy).
  • Outsourced staff training.
  • Sound financial management advice.
  • General day-to-day advice and support.
  • Regular product planning workshops.
  • Annual PNA Conference and Trade Show.
  • Internal franchisee merit award system.
  • Regular franchisee meetings.
  • Shop-SA membership (Stationery Industry Association).
  • A solid support network of competent and successful franchisees.


The Franchisor offers all PNA staff members intensive training on customer service and product knowledge though the PNA Training Academy.
The training includes:

  • Online training, which allows each staff member to work through modules on their own time, these modules cover all product departments and other topics.
  • Out of store training, where groups of staff members come together to do advance training in the major product departments of Stationery, Art and Craft Materials and Books, as well as practical training.
  • PNA suppliers training is provided to all stores to keep the staff updated on new products.


The Franchisor is responsible for implementing marketing campaigns on a national level, this include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Broadcast media e.g. Radio and Television advertising.
  • Print advertising e.g. National-, business- and community newspapers, magazines and trade specific publications.
  • Outdoor advertising e.g. billboards; street pole advertisements, banners and trailer ads.
  • Direct response advertising e.g. SMS campaigns / competitions.
  • Electronic media e.g. social media, web advertising and monthly newsletters.
  • Community advertising e.g. charity drives.
  • Strategic promotional elements are provided for seasonal and campaign-specific in-store promotions in each region.

The estimated setup cost for a 300m2 store is R2.1 mil to R4.2 Mil (600m2).

For more information regarding the PNA Franchise pricing structure, disclosure documents and applications, please fill in the below form.