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10 Essential Gifts for Teachers

On Wednesday, 5 October 2022, we’re celebrating our educationists on World Teacher’s Day! PNA encourages scholars and parents to gift their teachers with any of the below 10-must haves for teachers, whether they’re starting their teaching career in 2023 or have been in the game for ages.

Why celebrate Teacher’s Day?

It’s to raise awareness of the importance these individuals play worldwide. They basically dedicate their lives and often for meagre salaries, to make an impact on how our children grow and turn into the next generation of adults.

Their jobs aren’t easy, and taking responsibility for educating future generations should be honoured, not only on Teacher’s Day, but throughout the year.

What to gift teachers?

It can be super fun and pretty simple such as saying ‘thank you’ with a DIY card or a small gift. The particular school or parent community could throw a party for these excellent teachers and offer gifts based on this year’s theme, ‘Teachers at the heart of education recovery’.

If you want to contribute in another way, you are welcome to donate to an educational organisation, specifically to those teachers working in underprivileged areas. You are probably aware of PNA’s partnership with Breadline Africa, a non-profit organisation that provides infrastructure and educational support to schools in disadvantaged South African communities.

Yes, our Funky Socks Day might be completed for this year, but donations are still very welcome, and they would genuinely appreciate it, without a doubt!

10 Must-haves for teachers

We’ve been asking around and exploring our stores to put a list of 10 must-haves together for teachers. This can be used as guidance when shopping for the new year or as gift inspiration should you want to spoil your child’s favourite teacher.

  1. A box of red pens

Perfect for your favourite teacher, a pack of red pens will ensure they can mark for ages. Because teachers just can’t have enough of them!

  1. Sticky notes

PNA offers a range of sticky notes in various shapes, colours, and sizes. Index notes are perfect as placeholders in books and workbooks, while sticky notes can be used in classroom activities and to provide feedback on pieces of work.

  1. Highlighters and markers

To keep things bright and fun in the classroom with PNA’s range of highlighters and markers. We offer a variety of packs, along with slim highlighters for more detailed activities and mini highlighters, which are perfect for small hands.

  1. A stapler and staples

An essential item for any classroom, with plenty of handouts and homework sheets to keep together. Ensure that your teacher never runs out of staples by shopping at PNA.

  1. Rubber bands

We’ve added rubber bands because teachers use them for various tasks, and one never knows when you might really need them! We know some teachers use them as part of the Rubber-Band Intervention to keep track of students’ behaviour in the classroom and throughout the school.

  1. Paper clips

To keep those essential documents together reliably and effectively. Check out our teacher paperclip selection in-store!

  1. Whiteboard markers

 Turn your teacher’s whiteboard into the perfect educational medium with a set of colourful whiteboard markers from PNA.

  1. Plastic paper pockets

A definite must-have in any classroom. Gift your teacher with a couple of these; you’ll instantly earn brownie points.

  1. Copy paper

Who doesn’t love consistent smoothness and performance to ensure that each print is achieved with high quality and free from production problems? View PNA’s paper copy is offered here.

  1. Stickers and labels

Find hundreds of super cute reward stickers and labels for teachers at PNA. C’mon, let’s help put the fun back into teaching!

Happy World Teacher Day from PNA!

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