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Grab Glitter & Glue, It’s Christmas Card Day!

Christmas Card Day

Today is Christmas Card Day, a beautiful creation to add to handmade Christmas gifts. In our previous blog, we shared some fun and creative ideas for homemade gifts. Now it’s time to add personalised greeting cards. The card shouldn’t just look amazing, but the message should be inspiring and wish the reader well for the year ahead.

If you’re a person who usually send greeting cards, we encourage you to make them yourself this year. If you have time, get hold of some glitter and a dab of glue and see what you come up with. We guarantee your recipients will appreciate it. Involve your kids in making cards – it can be so much fun!

We’re sharing some suggested messages and innovative ways to create your own card envelopes.

Suggested Greeting Messages

Here are some suggested, inspirational greeting messages that will excite your family and friends, especially if you’re not exactly good with words and have no idea what to write other than ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!’.

  • May the melody and spirit of the holidays fill your home with love and peace. I wish you all the best and a happy New Year too!
  • We hope this season ends on a joyful note and continues into a safe and prosperous New Year for you and your family.
  • May the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and your life with laughter.
  • Christmas is a time when everyone wants his past forgotten and his present remembered. May the sweet magic of Christmas conspire to gladden your heart and fill every desire.
  • The best present one can hope for this year is to spend time together. I can’t wait to celebrate the holidays with you!
  • Have a great Christmas! Take the time to celebrate your desires, values and affections with your loved ones. Wishing you all the best.

Of course, you may add something personal that you and the receiver share to make it even more heartfelt.

DIY Card Envelopes

  • Craft Paper Envelopes: If you love the appeal of craft paper, then this easy tutorial is for you. It’s so simple, rustic, and it’s understated natural. And could we add 100% eco-friendly for a green Christmas!
  • Brown Paper Bags: Brown paper bags are easily accessible and adding your choice of Washi tape available in-store to wrap your card, is as easy as 1,2,3… You can even wrap your gifts in brown paper bags too, saving on expensive wrapping paper.
  • Magazine Envelopes: Use a magazine page as an envelope is a great idea to get rid of magazines laying around the house. We recommend using lifestyle pages such as gardens or someone posing on a patio chair. Don’t use products as per se.
  • Picture-lined Envelopes: Using a standard envelope of your colour choice, you can add your favourite photo of your family, or of you and the receiver and line the envelope with these simple instructions
  • Sharpie Lettering: Make your Christmas cards fun! Using Sharpies, you can create unique, individual envelopes with flair. There are other calligraphy products available in-store for you to use all the space an envelope offers with beautiful lettering, too!

We hope you have fun in creating Christmas cards for your family and friends. Share with us by tagging PNA on your preferred social platform.

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