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Bye 2019, pleasure meeting you 2020

Bye 2019, pleasure meeting you 2020

We’re on the threshold of entering a new year AND a new decade. The past 10 years we’ve seen impressive technology advances such as artificial intelligence, smartphones with biometrics amongst other things, and not to mention how social media has risen to be a part of our daily lives. A lot has happened and even though we thought that we’d have flying cars and robotic butlers by now, we’re still immensely fortunate to live in these times.

The above is just a quick reflection on technology, but what effect did the past decade have on you? Did you reach your 10-year goals? Did you become the person you wanted to be? Would you say that your life, as it is, is nearly perfect? Most importantly, are you happy? Truly, unapologetically happy?

The year 2020 offers a brand-new start to each of us and the best of all is the fact that it’s a leap year. Yes, an extra 24-hours to reach and become whatever it is you didn’t get to in 2019. A new start to not just a new year, but a new decade. It’s time to reflect on the past and move forward.

New year, new year’s resolutions… always the same, every year. If you have 10 new year’s resolutions, you really have zero. Let’s switch up a few things for the next year. Instead of writing a list of resolutions in the cover of your 2020 dairy (to remind yourself of what you promised to accomplish), think hard about just one big goal for this year. Just one, because nobody (or at least not most people) would get through their whole list, and the resolutions keep being transferred from one new year to the next.

  • Pinpoint just one goal and throw your whole weight behind it. You could create supporting objectives to get to your goal. Think about what you liked, what you didn’t, what you did well, and what you can do better. Be honest with yourself.
  • The next step is having a clear plan. Think about where you want to be in the next year, the next three years and eventually, at the end of this decade. Visually map out your goal and your plan by using a vision board. You can purchase most of the stationery products from PNA – poster board, scissors, glue sticks, paper and pens, and permanent markers. Magazines and other images can be bought from local supermarkets and/or from the Internet.
  • Continue learning and growing. As part of your goal, it’s important to revisit your objectives and measure your performance regularly. If it’s not viable, it’s time to reconsider and adjust. Upskill yourself with educational resources and teach yourself how to do things better and smarter.  With that being said, be financially smart. Avoid overspending and start the new year on a good foot rather than being financially behind. Don’t expect things to fall in place within the first few months, you have 366 days to complete your goal.

Doing this and having the discipline to uphold your promise of achieving this one goal will finally suffice. If it happens that it be completed and accomplished before the year, well done. In that case, choose a more challenging goal for 2021. If you’re eight months or so into 2020 and you’re starting to doubt whether you’ll be successful, don’t worry it’s normal. Just don’t give up and keep pushing forward. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

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